Everyone needs to escape for a few days, recharge their batteries and forget the reality of the outside world. You don’t always need to take off a week to travel! Short breaks can be fulfilling and can offer a mix of relaxation, cultural opportunities and new dining experiences. We have come up with a short-list of five great short breaks to consider for 2016.


Mallorca in Spain is famous for its majestic limestone cliffs and quaint coastal villages. Mallorca is located in the wing of motherland Spain and the island is a perfect holiday destination for travellers that want to relax and also enjoy cultural activities during their stay. A hotel we would recommend in Mallorca is Belmond La Residencia.


The city of Abu Dhabi blends modernity with traditional Arabian culture. Huge skyscrapers of glass and steel intertwine with mosques, cultural centres, landscaped parks and gardens, and wide avenues lined with palm trees. Luxury hotels are a plenty as are a wealth of museums and heritage sites that are complemented by many modern attractions, including: Ferrari World, the World’s Furthest Leaning Man-Made Tower (which leans more than 4 times that of Pisa’s famous leaning tower), YAS Water-World and the Corniche, which now has over 5 miles of manicured waterfront area with cafes, restaurants and themed beaches. A hotel we would recommend in Abu Dhabi is the St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.


Hong Kong may be where east meets west but it is also still a very Chinese metropolis, which is part of its perennial appeal. This is a fusion of both modern and futuristic buildings mixed with historic cultures and past traditions. Head away from the remaining relics of British and Portuguese influence, past the fast food brands and international stores and you’ll discover the culture that few see of Hong Kong. In the shade of skyscrapers, ancient fishing settlements and Taoist temples adorned with sandalwood reside alongside local food shops and hectic street markets. A hotel we would recommend in Hong Kong is the Mandarin Oriental.


Morocco is situated in North Africa; it has an enormous geographical diversity and a wealth of natural and man-made assets. It offers the visitor an authentic cultural experience. Spanning from the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, across the towering and rugged Atlas Mountains to the vast Sahara Desert, this is a stunning country with a rich culture and history. A hotel we would recommend in Morocco is the Selman in Marrakesh.


Dubai is known to be a swanky, flashy, sensational and a tad insane place to travel to. Dubai is a destination that lives to be seen. We are not sure that any other destination in the world has transformed itself in such a short space of time and the development continues at an amazing place.

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