Traditionally the peak wedding season in the UK was July and August but today more and more couples are tying the knot at other times of the year and can find if difficult to know where would be best for their honeymoon. At Inspirational Travel we have complied the following calendar to assist you with your honeymoon planning. Each month highlights a key destination that would be perfect to visit in that month plus a couple of other suggestions. These are not always the “peak” months but are periods when you will enjoy wonderful weather a good value-for-money prices.


The winter months (November to March) are the best time to visit counties in the Middle East such as Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. The temperatures are bearable, the humidity is low and the rain is virtually non-existent. Other Suggestions include; The Maldives, Thailand, Tanzania or Zanzibar.


Sri Lanka can be visited year-round but you do need to be aware that it has two monsoon periods when heavy rains hit the island – the first covers the south/west and is between May and August and the second covers the north/east and is between October and January. Other Suggestions include; The Caribbean or Kenya.


A region that has a great climate year-round but best to avoid in the hurricane seasons, particularly September and Ocotber. In March temperatures average to mid to late 20 (degrees Celsius). Other Suggestions include; Egypt, Jordan or IndoChina.


April through to October is a great time to experience a safari in either South Africa or Botswana. The region receives its rainfall between October and March so the days are dry and sunny and game viewing is excellent. You can also enjoy the best land-based whale watching. Other Suggestions include; The Caribbean or Morocco.


Although classes as winter you will find the climate between May and October to be very pleasant with temperatures in the mid 20’s (degrees Celsius) and the prices to be at their most affordable. There may be showers but they tend to be short and sharp bursts. Other Suggestions include; Indonesia or South Africa.


The shoulder months of April/May and September/October offer a reasonable climate, but without the crowds. In June the weather is up to mid 20s (degrees Celsius), which rises as you go into summer. Other Suggestions include; Lake Malawi for those seeking an unusual but special beach experience or Indonesia


July/August are the peak months of these two jewels of the southern half of Africa and you can expect a superb safari experience with just perfect conditions. Just be warned that prices are also at their highest! Other Suggestions include; Singapore or Malaysia (For an oriental honeymoon).


The amazing spectacle of the great annual migration hits the plains of the Masai Mara. Peak season and if you want to avoid the high costs then maybe consider Tanzania at other times of the year when the migration works its way around the Serengeti eco-system. Other Suggestions include; Indian Ocean Islands or Borneo.


This quintessentially British piece of paradise enjoys a good climate year-round but the summer mounths between May and September are the warmest. Rain can also occur year-round but it tends to come in short, sharp showers. Other Suggestions include Morocco or Sri Lanka.


The three countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia covers a huge area so the climate can vary greatly by region but October (or April/May) are the best times if you plan to travel around the three. Other Suggestions include; Tanzania offers a great safari experience at this time of year and is perfectly combined with Zanzibar.


A vast country with significant climatic variations from region to region but as a rule November to March is the best time to visit to avoid excessive humidity. Other Suggestions include; Areas in Asia such as Thailand or Hong Kong, The Caribbean.


Whilst the winter months are the best time for a safari in South Africa, Cape Town and the south of the country is very much at its prime between November and February. Just be aware that a lot of South Africans will also travel at this time of the year as it is their main summer school holiday. Other Suggestions include; India, Sri Lanka, Egypt or The Caribbean.

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