We have selected just four of the best stopover cities that we have to offer. Whether you want 2 or 3 nights rest before your onward travel plans, or just a quick one night stopover to just freshen up, we have the destination to suit your personal travel requirements.


Swanky, flashy, sensational and a tad insane, Dubai is a destination that lives to be seen. We are not sure that any other destination in the world has transformed itself in such a short space of time and the development continues at an amazing pace.


Drop the image of Singapore as a sterile, dull Utopia, break the surface and you’ll find an interesting mix of India, Chinese, Western and Malay cultures, a powerful social slush that’s certainly not boring. Known for its food and shopping, Singapore is also a great beginners guide to Asia. Ordered, affluent and clean, here you can skim your fingers into the best of Asian culture with no drawbacks.


Hong Kong may be where east meets west but its also still a very Chinese metropolis, which is part of its perennial appeal. This is a fusion of modern and futuristic buildings mixed with historic cultures and past traditions.


Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city in Thailand and the country’s commercial and economic hub. The city has a heady mix of chaos and refinement, of frenetic markets, and traditional Buddhist temples.

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