Honeymoons to far-flung, exotic places continue to grow in popularity and whilst many couples simply want to “fly-and-flop”, there is a growing trend towards more activity and exploration type honeymoons, with the combination of the two elements also proving to be extremely popular. Here we highlight a few ideas for romantic beach escapes and suggestions for adventure & exploration honeymoons.

Romantic Beach Escapes

Tropical Indian Ocean islands, such as the Mauritius & Maldives are perfect for those craving a relaxing and romantic getaway, which is not a great surprise as they are all proud owners of pristine beaches, warm blue waters and first-rate hotels and resorts.

The Caribbean islands are a bit closer to the UK with islands such as Antigua, St Lucia, Jamaica and Barbados being the most popular. Some of the best islands for a genuine Caribbean atmosphere are usually overlooked and islands such as Grenada, Anguilla and St Kitts & Nevis are waiting to be explored, with most being a short hop away from the larger islands.

Other destinations worthy of consideration include islands in the Mozambique archipelago, off the east coast of Africa, and countries in Asia, which have their fair share of wonderful beaches. These destinations can take a bit more effort to get to, but you will be well rewarded. Another great option is Bermuda, which is a haven for those looking for peace and quiet, pink-sanded beaches and some fantastic hotels and resorts.

Adventure & Exploration Honeymoons

Sri Lanka is starting to boom and here you can witness wildlife such as elephants and leopards in their natural environment, discover ancient cities, marvel at wonderful scenery and experience daily Sri Lankan life in the villages and towns. It also has a wonderful coastline, making it the perfect honeymoon destination. It also combines wonderfully well with The Maldives, which are a short flight away.

For a quality safari then the East African thoroughbreds of Kenya and Tanzania are difficult to beat for value. Try to take in a couple of different parks / areas to get the most out of your safari experience. A beach extension can easily be added, whether that is on the mainland, on a smaller island off the coast or on the spice island of Zanzibar.

South Africa is also at the forefront in safari adventures but usually people combine other areas of the country, such as Cape Town, the winelands and the Garden Route, with a few days taking in the wildlife. Other southern African countries like Zambia, Botswana and Namibia are hidden gems offering huge wilderness areas.

Southern Africa destinations can be easily combined with islands such as Mauritius, The Seychelles or Mozambique, but Malawi also has wonderful white-sand beaches on the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi.

Closer to home, Morocco is a great option for exploration and cultural diversity. Morocco offers a wide range of affordable accommodation, wonderful ancient cities, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, plus some exciting beach resorts on the Atlantic coast.

Asia is a land of beauty, mystery and amazing contrasts and offers a wealth of cultural and historical experiences. Favourites include Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. It is worth taking in a few different areas and then you can simply relax after on a wonderful beach.


Indian Ocean Islands (Mauritius, The Maldives, the Seychelles)
Sri Lanka
Caribbean Islands (Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Jamaica etc)
East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania)
South Africa


Year-round warmth and sunshine and there is really not a bad time to go. Even their winter months (Apr-Sep) have average temperatures in the mid-20’s with little or no rainfall.
You can visit year-round but the monsoon seasons do vary from coast to coast so care must be taken when planning an itinerary.
The hurricane season runs from Jun-Oct, although many islands are not on the hurricane belt and escape with just a few short-sharp storms.
Bermuda has a sub-tropical climate with only two seasons – Spring & Summer – with no real wet season. The climate is temperate year round, with the warmest weather being from July to September.
Temperatures are consistent throughout the year and quite cool for an equatorial region on the coast (25-32 degrees). The wet season is Apr-May and should be avoided.
The South (Cape Town, winelands and Garden Route etc) has seasons opposite to the UK, with summer being Dec-Feb, whilst autumn (Mar-May) and spring (Sep-Nov) are also excellent times to visit.
The North, East and West has a more tropical climate with rainfall occurring in the summer months of Oct-Feb. The best time for game-viewing is generally Mar-Oct.
A good climate year round with perfect conditions in Spring and Autumn, high 30’s in the summer and pleasant temperatures in the winter.
The climate in Asia is quite complex and will vary greatly by destination, although year-round there is always somewhere that will be pleasant!