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St Lucia is fringed with vast stretches of classic white sand with lively beach bars but there are steep-sided hidden coves to discover, too. A growing golf scene, plantation history and day sailing keeps a wide range of visitors from honeymooners to families well-entertained. There are plenty of weekly events to join in with, as well: fish fries in the villages, markets and the famous Friday night entertainment at Gros Islet.
St Lucia was first colonized successfully by France who signed a treaty with the native Carib peoples in 1660. The island switched hands between Great Britain and France fourteen times between this date and 1814. Because it was fought over so many times, St Lucia is dubbed the ‘Helen of the Caribbean.’
It’s certainly an island worth fighting for. Seen from above, St Lucia is a mass of dense green forested peaks, ridges and valleys that tumble to white coastlines surrounded by bright blue seas. The most famous St Lucian landmarks are the Pitons: striking, pointed twin volcanic peaks that remained when a volcanic cone blew apart 40,000 years ago.
Other tourist attractions include the world’s only drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs at Soufriere, the Botanical Gardens, the rain forests and Pigeon Island National Park, which is home to Fort Rodney, an old British military base. St Lucia has a variety of terrain to explore. Near the capital there is agriculture and banana plantations, the south is volcanic, mountainous and fertile and the north and east coasts are less rugged and have the best beaches.
St Lucia has a wide range of accommodation from large hotels to tucked away places to stay, hidden in pretty coves and dotted on lush hillsides. Most accommodation is in the more bustling north of the island. In the coves of the south you will find charming, smaller properties. Inspirational Travel will be happy to talk through your ideal itinerary with you, and tailor make your dream St Lucian holiday.

Flight Time: Approx 8 hours

Time Difference: GMT -4 hours

Language: English, French & Kwéyòl (Antillean Creole) are widely spoken

Currency: The Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Area: 238 square miles

Total Coastline: Approx. 100 miles

Population: Approx. 181,000

Capital: Castries

St. Lucia’s climate is tropical, although moderated by north east trade winds throughout most of the year. The dry season extends from December to April, with a rainy season from May to November.
The best time to visit St Lucia is between December to July, although you can travel any time. In the wetter months of July to November you will find the prices very attractive but you are likely to experience heavy showers, although these are often just short and sharp.

Health & Vaccinations

We recommend that you are up to date with all of the usual vaccinations – Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and Rabies. Please contact your local GP for full advice at least 3-4 weeks before travel.

Passport & Visa

British passport holders must be in possession of a full 10-year passport and must have at least 6 months validity beyond the date of the return journey. In addition we also recommend that you have a minimum of 2 consecutive blank pages in your passport. British passport holders do not require a visa to enter St Lucia.



The sensational landscapes that protect The Jalousie Plantation are some of the finest in the world, lending weight to the opinion that St. Lucia is the Caribbean's most romantic island
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The timeless location of Calabash Cove is home to the exotic grandeur of the Calabash Cove & Spa, which recently found fame as the setting for ABC's, 'The Bachelor' TV series.
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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a vacation at Rendezvous on St. Lucia's genteel northwest coast. Set amidst beautiful botanical gardens, the air is pleasantly infused by exotic orchids and vibrant hibiscus.
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Emerging from St. Lucia's surreal Rodney Bay, The Landings is nearing the end of an evolution. Their unobtrusive project is due to complete ahead of schedule in mid-2010, and guests are already enjoying one of the finest luxury hotels in the Caribbean.
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