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At Inspirational Travel we offer all of our honeymoon clients a Wedding Gift Service to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your honeymoon experience.
In this day and age many of our honeymoon clients already cohabit and therefore have most, if not all, of the things they need for the marital home. They therefore want something a bit different and the Wedding Gift Service offers your friends and relatives the opportunity to either purchase something tangible for you, or they can contribute towards something that will enhance your honeymoon experience.
Our Wedding Gift Service basically works as follows:-
    • Once we have devised and finalised your honeymoon we create a dedicated website page for you that is password controlled.
    • The page provides a summary of your honeymoon itinerary and we also establish A “menu” of items that you would like that we can add to your honeymoon package to further enhance the experience. This could include things like an upgrade in meal basis (i.e. to All Inclusive), an upgrade in the room type or the class of travel (subject to availability), private dinners, private excursions/sightseeing trips, Spa treatments, car hire, a romantic picnic, a sunset cruise etc. These items are then also detailed on your website page.
    • As you approach your wedding date you can then notify all of your wedding guests, friends and relatives of the website page address and the password to enter (we find most couples supply this information with the actual wedding invitation).
    • Your guests then contact us to confirm whether they would like to purchase a specific item from your “wish list” or they can simply provide us with a monetary value towards a larger item (or effectively creating a fund for you to spend as you require). We take payment from them either by cheque, credit / debit card or by BACS payment.
    • We notify you on a regular basis on how the gifting is progressing and supply you with a spreadsheet detailing who has made a gift donation, the value (or the specific item purchased) and any message.
    • As we get close to your wedding / honeymoon date we then agree with you on how you want to utilise the gift money and finalise the upgrades and enhancements accordingly. Any excess money is then transferred to your own account for you to use as spending money etc.
      To date all of our honeymoon clients who have used this service have been amazed on how much money they get given and it really does help you to budget for that dream honeymoon!

      Speak to any of the team at Inspirational Travel to get ideas for your honeymoon and to discuss our Wedding Gift List service.