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The Kingdom of Cambodia has made a remarkable recovery from the 1970’s when it was brought to its knees under Pol Pot’s atrocious and destructive regime and today provides the visitor with some of the most awe-inspiring historical remains on the planet. Whilst it is one of South East Asia’s smallest countries, this is a country that is literally overflowing with superb tourist attractions. The main draw card is the UNESCO-listed “Lost City” of Angkor Wat, which alongside the fascinating turbulent past of Khmer Rouge, wild jungles, and electric cities makes it a must for any modern explorer. Siem Reap is the ideal base from which to explore Angkor Wat and the other temples and monuments in the area. The capital is Phnom Penh which is undoubtedly one of the region’s most fascinating cities with its plethora of temples and monuments mixing with thousands of tuk tuks and cars moving around like ants and street vendors selling everything imaginable (and not so imaginable!). It is also worth visiting the “Killing Fields” that exhibit the horrific atrocities that took place under the Khmer Rouge regime. A cruise on the Mekong River Delta is another “must-do” when visiting Cambodia, whilst wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers should head to the countries national parks, which are home to approximately 250 reptile species and over 200 mammal species, including endangered species such as Indochinese Tigers, Asian Elephants and freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins. For relaxation there are a number of beach resorts like Sihanoukville that offer a chance to enjoy long stretches of beautiful golden sand beaches, inviting waters and a relaxed Asian beach vibe.

Flight Time: Approx. 12 hours to Phnom Penh

Time Difference: GMT +7 hours

Language:  Khmer

Currency: Cambodian Riel (US Dollars are widely accepted)

Area: 70,000 sq miles.

Total Coastline: Approx. 275 miles

Population: Approx. 15 million

Capital: Phnom Penh

Cambodia is located in the tropical zone north of the equator and therefore has a monsoon climate with the monsoon season being between May and October. At the peak of the rains it can often rain heavily for two days out of three, which can result in flooding in Phnom Penh and other areas of Cambodia. This can have an impact on travel plans. Following the rains of the monsoon, the countryside can be stunningly beautiful and extremely lush. The dry season runs from November to April and is the most pleasant time to visit.
Whilst the rain may affect certain outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or cruising (with operators often cancelling trips), the temperature does remain pleasant and in the larger cities the rainfall is a welcome relief and helps lessen the dust on the roads.
In the winter the north of the country is generally colder, whilst the temperature around the rest of the country remains high with the average year-round temperature being around 28°C.
The best time to travel is in the dry season, which runs from November to April with the early part and latter parts of the dry season being popular. In November & December you get the benefit of the stunning greenery following the rains, whilst the hotter months of March to May give you the opportunity to enjoy time by the pool or on the coast.

Health & Vaccinations

We recommend that you are up to date with the usual vaccinations – Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and Rabies. Malaria prophylaxis are also recommended in certain areas. Please contact your local GP for full advice at least 3-4 weeks before travel.

Passport & Visa

British passport holders must be in possession of a full 10-year passport and must have at least 6 months validity beyond the date of the return journey. British passport holders also need a visa to enter into Cambodia for stays of up to 30 days. You can apply for the visa online through the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. Visit here to apply. It’s advisable to apply for visas at least two weeks prior to your departure date. The visa costs USD $30 per person (approximately £18).



The Amansara, Siem Reap is located between the city and Angkor Archaeological Park. Amansara is 25 minutes away from Siem Reap International Airport, the hotel provides guests with a complimentary transfer to and from the airport so guests don’t have to worry about making their way to the hotel.
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Knai Bang Chatt is located along the southern-eastern coastline of Cambodia, situated within a fishing village of Kep. It is surrounded by natural tranquillity. Knai Bang Chatt is just a short 5-minute walk from the Cambodia’s famous Crab Market. Knai Bang Chatt is a beautiful unique boutique hotel.
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The Raffles Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh has been the iconic resting place for the well travelled since 1929. This hotel is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, the hotel has been part of the history of the city, welcoming a diverse clientele including; entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, royalty and the adventurous traveller from all over the world.
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Song Saa Sihanoukville is as seductive as the name implies, with all the elements of nature which makes this resort so special.
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