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The South Luangwa National Park is regarded as one of the most exciting game reserves in the world and the Luangwa Valley is home for a huge variety of animals and birdlife with the numbers around the Luangwa River amongst the most concentrated in Africa. The river is the life-blood of the park and the seasons run around the level of the water with the high season being from April to October. It does get very hot as you get towards the end of the high season but the game viewing also reaches its height at this time! The “walking safari” actually originated in the Luangwa Valley and there is no better place in Africa to experience the natural world out of a vehicle than here. There are 60 different animal species and over 400 different bird species recorded in South Luangwa National Park. Among the animals you are highly likely to see hippos, elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, monkeys and wild dogs.
The North Luangwa National Park is a remote tract of land that offers one of the finest wilderness experiences in Africa. The park is wild and relatively untouched, there are few roads, it is not open to the public and the chances of seeing other humans is extremely low, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a natural and private wildlife experience. Only a few safari operators have been granted permission to conduct walking safaris in the park, which are only operated in the dry season from June to October. As well as the Luangwa River, there are a number of tributaries that run through the Park and play a critical part in the success of the area. The wonderful Mwaleshi River runs down the escarpment in a series of small waterfalls and in the dry season it recedes and leaves a n umber of pools which attract large numbers of wildlife in search of life-saving water. The North Luangwa is particularly noted for its huge herds of buffalo, whilst you can also encounter elephants, leopard, wildcat, hyena, puku, impala, zebra, baboon and velvet monkey. Over 350 bird species are found here.


Chichele occupies one of the most breathtaking sites in the South Luangwa National Park. Chichele was formerly a private Presidential retreat and has a magnificent hilltop site and exploits the wonderful floodplain vistas offered.
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Nkwali is a small intimate camp located on the banks of the Luangwa on a magnificent meander in the river outside the National Park where leopards roam along the bank and can often be spotted from camp.
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Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp is located on the edge of an escarpment in a private location in South Luangwa set on a rocky hillside overlooking the Kakumbi Floodplain.
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