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The Kafue National Park is located in the centre of western Zambia and is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks, covering a huge area of 22,500 sq km’s making it one of the largest game sanctuaries in Africa. The park has been largely unexplored and only has a few commercial camps and lodges developed which means that much of it is still pristine and untouched. The park is noted for its beauty and is bisected by the Kafue River, which attracts hundreds of species of birds and offers good game fishing. The principal attraction is the prolific wildlife. Most of Kafue is only accessible to visit during the dry season runs, which runs from June to October. However, a number of safari operators are now starting to offer safaris in the “green season”, as the park looks spectacular at this time of year and the birding is exceptional.
The climate in Kafue is actually mild and much cooler than the Luangwa Valley or Zambezi Valley, particularly in the dry summer months of October & November. This is due to it’s altitude, which averages 1,100m above sea level.


In the midst of Zambia’s most important wetlands and wildlife paradise, enjoy a superior safari thanks to Shumba’s great emphasis on the ‘guided’ experience. renowned for its amazing and prolific plain games, predators and bird. More Info

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