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The Selous Game Reserve is located in the south of Tanzania and is one of the largest game reserves in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reserve was named after Englishman Sir Frederick Selous who was a big game hunter and early conservationist. Selous actually died in the area at Beho Beho in 1917 whilst fighting against the Germans during World War I. The Selous covers a total area of over 21,000 sq miles (larger than Switzerland) and is renowned for the huge diversity and large numbers of wildlife it supports and its pristine natural condition. In fact the reserve does not allow permanent human habitation or the building of permanent structures and the numbers of visitors to the reserve are strictly controlled to retain its natural state.
Ruaha National Park is a stunning park situated in the south of Tanzania and is the largest national park in Tanzania, covering an area of approximately 8,000 sq miles. The park is named after the Great Ruaha River, which flows across the south-eastern side of the park and is a popular the focus for game-viewing. The Selous is particularly renowned for its large population of elephants, with numbers estimated at around 10,000! The park is also very popular with birdwatchers, with over 436 species having been recorded.
In both parks you can experience walking safaris, river and boating activities, fly-camping as well as traditional game drives.


Jongomero Camp stands under large acacias on the banks of the Jongomero Sand River in the remote south-west corner of the Ruaha National Park and is surrounded by a wilderness of 'terminalia' woodland.
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Beho Beho is a private luxury camp that offers unrivalled scenery due to its elevated hilltop location and is one of the most magical safari camps in Africa.
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Sand Rivers is situated in the northern section of The Selous, an area untouched by commercial tourism. This is a stunning safari lodge overlooking the Rufiji River on a wide stretch of the river and offers a wide variety of safari experiences.
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