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Katavi National Park is Tanzania’s third largest national park and is a true wilderness area lying in the remote south-west of the country in the heart of one of the biggest and richest wildlife areas in Tanzania. The park is located along the rift valley escarpment and offers the visitor wonderful scenery and a variety of ecosystems, including huge wetlands, cascading waterfalls, lakes, rivers, floodplains and impressive woodlands. These ecosystems sustain a variety of wildlife including huge herds of buffalo, zebras, elephants and various antelope species. The water courses are bursting with hippos and crocodiles and here you will often find lions, leopards and wild dogs hunting for their prey. The dry season (July to October) is the best time to visit Katavi, although during the wet season the park attracts an incredible diversity of bird life.
Mahale Mountains National Park lies on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika and contains some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa and is one of only two protected areas for chimpanzees in Tanzania, the other being the nearby Gombe Stream National Park made famous by the researcher Jane Goodall. Today the park has the largest known chimpanzee population in the world and the chimp numbers are actually flourishing due to the size and remoteness of the park. The park itself can only be experienced on foot as there are no roads within the park boundaries. The only access into the park is via boat. The terrain is generally rugged and hilly with the Mahale Mountains running across the park from the north-west to the south-east. Mount Nkungwe has the the highest peak which rises to 2,462m.


One of only two camps in the vast 5,000 sq km wilderness of Katavi National Park, Chada Katavi Tented Camp is as ‘at-one’ as you can possibly get with Africa. This really is a Park for the wildlife and it is easy to imagine that the region has remained unchanged since time began.
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