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Lake Malawi, is stunning body of crystal clear waters, 365 miles long and 52 miles wide, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. It is teeming with life including over 400 species of cichlid fish, a lot of which are endemic to the Lake. Most of Lake Malawi’s astounding underwater diversity is protected within the Lake Malawi National Park, which is a World Heritage site and also one of the first in the world set aside for the protection of freshwater fish. David Livingstone famously named Lake Malawi “The Lake Of Stars” and for good reason, during the day the light dances across the deep blue water and once the sun has set the stars twinkle brightly both in the sky but also on the lake as the fishermen light up their hurricane lamps for their night on the lake.


This luxury exclusive beach lodge is located on the stunning shores of the Nankumba Peninsula on Lake Malawi, what romantics call "the lake of the stars". Savour fine dining, relax on a deck drenched in moonlight and enjoy the high standards and friendly service.
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Nkwichi is a secluded property on the shore of Lake Malawi, or Lake Niassa as it is called on the Mozambican side. Nkwichi operates a sustainable project with the aim of protecting the natural environment, whilst helping to support the Nyanja people in their development and helps preserve and enhance their culture.
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Consistently voted as one of the top ten romantic getaways, Kaya Mawa is Malawi’s very own castaway on the secluded Likoma Island enclave in Lake Malawi (Nyasa). Surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters, this is the true definition of rustic and, like the people here say, “turn your watch forward an hour & back 100 years”.
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