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Kenya is how we probably all imagine Africa with open, rolling plains dotted with spreading acacia trees stretching into the shimmering distance and merging with the cobalt sky at the edge of the horizon.

Kenya’s prolific game and expanses of wilderness led to the “safari” evolving as a form of a thrilling and often decadent recreation in the heady colonial days. A country of more than half a million square kilometres, it has huge tracts of wild and untrammelled land with some excellent specialist safari operators, guides and trackers who run safaris to the same high standards that first put Kenya on the map.

To those in the know there are small luxurious camps and lodges, positioned away from the tourist areas, owned by those with an infectious passion for Kenya and an intimate knowledge of their terrain.

With over 30 National Parks and Reserves Kenya really offers tremendous diversity. The impressive Rift Valley dissects the entire country; the famous Masai Mara is classic wildlife-country and few things are more incredible than its migration when some two million plains game accompanied by predators and scavengers journey through the reserve in an endless cycle of life and death; the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro watches over the huge herds of elephants in the Amboseli National Park; to the north Mount Kenya stands sentinel over the rugged and wooded mountain parks of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares; further north again is the arid Samburu National Reserve; whilst to the east is the famous Tsavo National Park, the largest park in Kenya.

The Indian Ocean coast is another world and makes a wonderful contrast to the bush. Whilst “touristic” in parts there are some idyllic spots with empty beaches lapped by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Some areas still have authentic Swahili culture and heritage that has survived relatively unscathed with narrow streets, mosques and markets and dhows pulled up on the beaches creating an atmosphere of living history which, combined with the fantastic beaches nearby, make for an enriching beach holiday.

Kenya is a geographical microcosm of almost the entire African continent and has a good infrastructure allowing the traveller to see a tremendous amount in a short time.

    • Flight Time:Approx 8 hours
        • Time Difference: GMT +3 hours
            • Language: Swahili, English & local languages
                • Currency: Kenya Shilling
                    • Area: 224,000 sq miles (about the size of France)
                        • Total coastline: 330 miles
                            • Population: Approx. 43 million
                                • Capital: Nairobi

With pleasant overall conditions all year round, Kenya’s southern highlands and coastal lowlands see little variation in conditions. Each has a wet season between Mar-May (‘long rains’) and a second one Nov-Dec (‘short rains’). Temperatures are consistent throughout the year and quite cool for an equatorial region on the coast (25-32°C), dropping slightly inland and then raising again closer to Lake Victoria.

The peak season for travel to Kenya is July to early October, which is mainly due to two factors – the Great Migration (which normally comes into the plains of the Masai Mara over this time) and also the school holidays. Outside of these months then you can basically travel to Kenya at any time, although we do recommend that you avoid the months of April & May as this is when the long rains fall. January to March and October & November are great times with good value and offers available.

Health & Vaccinations

We recommend that you are up to date with all of the usual vaccinations – Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and Rabies. In addition a course of malaria prophylaxis is required. You will also need a Yellow Fever vaccination if visiting a Yellow Fever area before entering Kenya (for example if coming from Tanzania on a two-centre itinerary). Please contact your local GP for full advice at least 3-4 weeks before travel.

Passport & Visa

British passport holders must be in possession of a full 10-year passport and must have at least 6 months validity beyond the date of the return journey. In addition you will need to have a minimum of 2 consecutive blank pages in your passport. British passport holders require a visa that can be obtained upon arrival into Kenya. The cost of this is currently USD $50 per person. For any clients connecting from Kilimanjaro Airport to the Masai Mara to ensure that they have their visas in advance for both countries, passengers without these requirements will not be allowed to make the connection.




Mara Plains is a small, personalised camp located within the private 30,000 acre Olare Orok Conservancy, and within meters of the northern boundary of the Masai Mara National Reserve.
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Saasab Lodge is majestically situated on the high banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and commands breathtaking views across the arid landscape of the Northern Frontier District towards the jagged peak of Mt Kenya.
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Ol Donyo Lodge has an unrivalled location on 275,000 acres of private wilderness bordering the slopes of the Chyulu National Park in the Amboseli region of southern Kenya, with views across the wildlife dotted savannah toward Mt. Kilimanjaro.
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Kenya’s capital city is one of Africa’s largest, and most interesting cities. There is a sense of boundless energy, and it is a thriving place where different tribes and cultures merge together.
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The Masai Mara is one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves and is home to over 95 species of mammals as well as 570 recorded species of birds. Classified as one of the "Seven Wonders of the World" due to the extraordinary annual migration from July to November.
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Amboseli National Park is the second most popular wildlife area in Kenya, famous for its large population of over 1000 resident elephants and for its scenic beauty with the amazing backdrop of the world’s highest free-standing mountain, snow-capped Kilimanjaro.
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Tsavo is made up of two separate parks, Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, which together form the largest game reserve in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. Located close by to the Kenya Coast, making them easily combinable with the beaches of the Indian Ocean.
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The lakes of the Rift Valley run through the heart of Kenya. The freshwater lakes include Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Mgadi and Lake Victoria, which are some of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world and support an enormous diversity of wildlife and birdlife.
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Mount Kenya is one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa and is the second highest mountain in Africa. Meru National Park is a semi-arid park boasting 13 permanent rivers and springs, which support an incredibly diverse range of wildlife and birdlife.
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An area characterised by a dramatic landscape of semi-arid desert, divided by meandering rivers and dotted with lush springs, palms, volcanic rocks and sacred mountains. Many rare species have adapted to the arid environment and mingle with the big cats and herds of elephants.
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The Kenya coast borders the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, with palm fringed white sandy beaches and picturesque Swahili fishing villages. The coastline provide an idyllic tropical paradise and a popular destination for an exclusive beach holiday.
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Explore Kenya and Mozambique on this extraordinary holiday, you will be staying in some of the most luxury hotels in Kenya which hold some fantastic game and safari experiences. To finish off your holiday at a fantastic resort in Mozambique where you can relax.
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Luxury 5 star holiday to Kenya. You can explore the Masai Mara Reserve and all the wildlife spottings it has to offer while staying in a perfect tented camp with views right over the Mar. Finishing off the holiday in a superb resort on the coast of Kenya.
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Explore the heart of Kenya on this amazing safari holiday perfect for families. Take in the amazing sights, for a unique and special holiday. You will be stay in some of the top camps around the areas you are exploring which are located by reserves teaming with stunning game.
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